Collection: Richard Dupont | Passages

The ink and watercolor works of Richard Dupont, drawn largely from imagination, convey landscapes that exist just outside of what is seen. This new suite of works, collectively titled Passages, brings a higher level of detail to his meditative, process-oriented approach to drawing.

Source material for these works included photographs taken by the artist as well as found photographs and images generated by text prompts with the AI image generator DALL-E. The drawing process, however, was largely automatic. Passages of ink and watercolor were built up gradually and intuitively over a period of weeks. The resulting works exist as approximations of nature, constructions of a fictive place. As such, Passages involve a movement of one state to another, and a desire to escape our increasingly screen-based experience. The act of drawing, and the slowing down of time in the process, provides the means of arriving.

IFPDA SPOTLIGHT  February 15–18, 2024

Carolina Nitsch | Planthouse, New York, NY