I have enlisted #soreranvou to review the Publishing Agreement... February 2015.  
Claire is working on the redesign... February, 2015.  
Prententious coffee table book on the outside...shredders on the sledding slopes forever on the inside... January, 2015 
"Fame is but a gilded cage." - Enswozu, Monster . - January, 2015 
Soreranvon chatting up a local. - December, 2014. 
Stowaways...with squoink. Pesky friends on the loose. - December, 2014 
I'd be angry too... December, 2014 
They would rather be under the mistletoe. - December, 2014 
Blue-Fire discusses 80s vinyl. Simon, John or the keyboard player whose name I can't remember she wants to know. - December, 2014 
They don't always get along. - November, 2014 
They are not alone. My friends just discovered this Carroll Dunham print and are asking me a lot of questions. #linoleumcut #7colorreduction #grenfellpress #1995 - November, 2014 
Zinggo wants his own instagram account for sexy selfies...please follow not to hurt his feelings. November, 2014
"You will never be alone Seeosorus. I promise..." #snooze #fallback #timetimetimeisonmysideyesitis - November, 2014 
I must introduce you to Enswozu...He is a wonderful dancer and a good friend. - October, 2014 
Monster sightseeing in Paris. I am so jealous. #jetsetmonster #thegoodlife - October, 2014
Corporate Raiders. Monsters in remote location. - October, 2014 
They want to go home. Antiquity is not their thing, except for the nudes which they find rather intriguing... October, 2014 
I knew this might happen. - October, 2014 
They like mixed tapes. #indeliblepress #nancyjohaselbacker - September, 2014 
Is that blood on his quills? Sgt. Pepper and No. 36. - September, 2014 
Plotting U.S. Book Tour with like-minded pals... September, 2014 
What happened to the Madakasham Jam wonders Alyosurus... #lateeighties #potpourri #nantucket - August, 2014
Clarke and George are now friends! - The Thomas J. Watson Library, The MET. August, 2014 
ZZ TOP FOREVER!!! #sharpdressedmonster - August 2014 
"The monsters are totally annoying." #theartcriticsareback - August 2014 
Seeosorus is photo bombing again... July, 2014
Armadiosorus insists Pluto is still a planet. #pluto #trekkie - July, 2014 
Are you 1? are you 2? - July, 2014 
Suggested summer reading from Pink-Posoruso. June, 2014 
They want their own TV show. #wtf - June, 2014 
Don't be seduced by Wors. May, 2014