Diana Weymar | Textile Time Capsule

Diana Weymar
Democracy is not a state. It is an act
., 2020
Vintage textile, cotton embroidery floss, hand-stitched
7 x 7 inches


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Planthouse is pleased to present Textile Time Capsule 2020, a selection of recent works by Diana Weymar.

These pieces are from a textile time capsule of our times, Tiny Pricks Project. They are words that challenge and words that comfort. Stitching is a way of translating words by hand. Taking the time to make them, stitch by stitch, invites us to take more time to read them. When so many ways of sharing rush us along by encouraging us to swipe away at words and thoughts, a pause to make and look differently can sometimes be the difference between a rush to judgment and a new perspective.

Tiny Pricks Project
is a public art project created in 2018 and curated by Diana Weymar that is now a collection of over 3,500 pieces. Contributors from around the world stitch are stitching Donald Trump’s words into vintage textiles, creating the material record of the language of his presidency and of the movement against it. 

Diana Weymar is an artist and activist. She grew up in the wilderness of Northern British Columbia, studied creative writing at Princeton University, and worked in film in New York City. She has created projects with Build Peace (in Nicosia, Bogota, Zurich, Belfast and the US/Mexico border), the Arts Council of Princeton, the Nantucket Atheneum, the W.E.B. Du Bois Center at UMass Amherst, the University of Puget Sound, The Zen Hospice Project (San Francisco), the Peddie School, Open Arts Space (Damascus, Syria), Trans Tipping Point Project (Victoria, BC), New York Textile Month, Textile Arts Center (Brooklyn, NY), The Wing (NYC and SF), and Alison Cornyn’s Incorrigibles project, as well as Syrian journalist and activist Mansour Omari. She is a judge / presenter for All Stitched Up at the University of Puget Sound.