Tiny Pricks Project | I’m Speaking


I’m Speaking
Stitched by Louise Weinberg for Tiny Pricks Project, 2020
Fly swatter
21 x 5 inches
Edition of 5

Louise Weinberg is the Co-Director and Curator, Godwin-Ternbach Museum, Queens College, New York, NY

Tiny Pricks Project is a public art project created in 2018 and curated by Diana Weymar that is now a collection of over 3,500 pieces. Contributors from around the world are stitching Donald Trump’s words into vintage textiles, creating the material record of the language of his presidency and of the movement against it. Tiny Pricks Project holds a creative space in a tumultuous political climate. The collection counterbalances the impermanence of Twitter and other social media, with the textiles that embody warmth, craft, permanence, civility, and a shared history. The daintiness and integrity of each piece stand in stark contrast to his presidency.