Miss Democracy | Victory Garden

Miss Democracy, 2020
Letterpress, foil stamp print
Mohawk Renewal Cover
20 x 20 inches
Edition of 100
Miss Democracy, 2020
CMYK print
Mohawk Renewal Cover
13 x 13 inches
Edition of 250

Miss Democracy, 2020
Miss Democracy bandana, 2020
Screen printed
20 x 20 inches
Included with Miss Democracy print 


ARTIST STATEMENT: In January of 2017, Victory Garden, a newly formed activist art collective began preparing for the Women’s March on Washington. Inspired by Suffragette Parades of the early 1900’s, they appropriated traditional satin beauty pageant sashes and subverted them with sayings such as “Miss Governed”, “Miss Led” and “Miss Take.” As the demand for these protest sashes increased, the collective began hand printing sashes and distributed over 1000 to protestors just in time for the Women’s March on Washington.

Now as we approach what might be the most important election in history, Victory Garden has decided to revisit the “Miss” pageant theme with a series of prints titled Miss Democracy, aimed at reminding us all what Democracy means. Now more than ever, as a country we must defend democracy and vote for our lives.

This limited edition print edition includes a Miss Democracy bandana, printed to protect your health and the spirit of democracy. The 3-color screen printed bandana measures 20×20 inches.

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Victory Garden Collective — Louise Eastman, Jess Frost, Tara Geer, Katie Michel, Wendy Small, and Janis Stemmermann.