Say a Little Prayer for U.S. | Victory Garden



Say a Little Prayer for U.S. (Deluxe Edition), 2017
Twelve flags with connecting ribbon printed silkscreen on natural linen and letterpress broadside on archival newsprint.
By Victory Garden: Louise Eastman, Jess Frost, Tara Geer, Katie Michel, Wendy Small, and Janis Stemmermann
Edition of 10



In conjunction with the exhibition Say a Little Prayer for U.S., Planthouse releases a deluxe set of twelve printed flags from the artist collective Victory Garden. The linen flags are designed to be hung inside or out, with each contributor’s image registering expressions of protest and hope.

The hundreds of flags now on view in the exhibition will be left exposed to the elements and will eventually disintegrate; the deluxe set is intended to be a more permanent distillation of the larger project, by the artists who initiated it. In a desire to continue to build upon the momentum of the Women’s March on Washington in 2017, Say a Little Prayer for U.S. proceeds will go towards funding future protest-oriented projects by Eastman, Frost, Geer, Michel, Small and Stemmermann, to be published by Planthouse.