Collection: Jimbo Blachly | Moon Notebooks

I am continually searching for an intimate correspondence between the landscape and myself. There is an attempt to record both a sense of time and an aspect of space. A desire to create a marker, memento or token of an experience of a particular place/situation that also opens out to a generalized experience in this ecologically fraught time.

-Jimbo Blachly

Jimbo Blachly (b. 1961) is an artist living in New York City; his installations, performances, and objects have been exhibited at the Drawing Center, Franklin Furnace, The New Museum, P.S.1 MOMA, The SculptureCenter in N.Y.C. and Catherine Clark Gallery in San Francisco. Blachly participated in The Drawing Center’s Open Sessions program in the 2014-2016 cycle. In 2011, he had an exhibition of his paintings at Winkleman Gallery in New York.