Collection: Margaret Garrett | From Terpsichore’s Garden

From Terpsichore’s Garden grew out of a series of dancing flower collages I had been making. Katie Michel of Planthouse suggested that I use some of the iconography of the collages as the point of departure for a group of monoprints that Planthouse would publish. She introduced me to master printmaker Janis Stemmermann of RussellJanis to realize the project.

I began by creating the shapes we would use in the print studio. Terpsichore is the muse of dance, and I knew that the movement of the forms would be a key element in the language of these prints. I then began to play with color combinations. I wanted a range of colors in the edition as there might be in a garden.

This series was my first time making monoprints, and I fell in love with the process—the sense of play, the speed, the immediacy, and the surprises! Creating these works was enjoyable; I hope that some of that joyous feeling comes across to people when they look at this edition.

–Margaret Garrett, 2022

From Terpsichore's Garden is Garrett's second print publication with Planthouse. 

Planthouse, 55 West 28th, Street, New York, NY 10001