Collection: Margaret Lanzetta | Almost Enlightenment


The Almost Enlightenment prints fall within my long-standing investigation of culturally inspired patterns. In these Crown-themed works, a lexicon of motifs is used to explore larger issues of nefarious political power, decorative arts, and cultural migration. Working with printmaker Janis Stemmermann at Russell Janis Studio, the monoprints sourced imagery from Royal Flush, previously made ceramic crowns black and rendered on a larger-than-life scale.

Defying the more common, painterly approach to monoprints, the Almost Enlightenment series emanates a physicality drawn from my early background as a sculptor. Crown and tiara templates, cut from thin, decoratively layered plastic formed the printing matrixes.They were sent through the press multiple times to build up layers; “ghosts” of remaining ink from previous printings were used to develop subtle tones and textures. The repeated printing of these plastic templates, both positively and as silhouettes, results in nuanced, visceral surfaces reminiscent of textured etchings and aquatints. 
–Margaret Lanzetta, 2021

Carnival is Lanzetta's first exhibition with Planthouse.

Planthouse, 55 west 28th Street, New York, NY 10001