Collection: Nina Jordan | Floods And Houses

Planthouse is pleased to present Floods and Houses, fourteen new woodcuts by Nina Jordan. Jordan continues to explore images of homes in this new series of works. The flood series, eleven prints drawn from pictures of recent climate disasters, presents scenes where the sense of place has been washed away. The marked heavily grained woodblock plays to the distressed surfaces of the homes and flows with the floodwaters. Jordan’s use of color and loose carving technique create a painterly and texturally rich materiality, which informs the content. In the aftermath of tragedy, the threats to our survival as individuals, households, and communities are displayed. The three larger woodcuts are images of Brooklyn real estate. The large format is employed to awaken our appreciation of these everyday properties/homes and reveals the interplay of grandeur and value, shelter and security.

55 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001