Collection: OVERLAP

Curated by Martin Mazorra
May 2 – May 31, 2022


Chloe Alexander, Laura Crehuet Berman, Chris Chandler, Tenjin Ikeda, Nancy Loeber, Martin Mazorra, Sarah Shebaro, Sarah Smelser, and David Wolske

This spring, Planthouse is pleased to present Overlap, an online print exhibition curated by artist Martin Mazorra, cofounder of Cannon Ball Press. The show features nine artists, including Mazorra, who incorporate print into their art-making. In creating these prints, each artist uses a unique method of overlapping color and sequential layering. With overprinting, you intentionally mix colors by printing one on top of the other to create an exciting dimension level and new color results. The results are not accidental or experimental. Instead, there is a deliberate simplicity and elegance; they are the informed applications of an artist’s cumulative knowledge and a deep understanding of the qualities of their ink and their paper. The freshness of the works is the function of limited variables in the hands of experienced printmakers, who use the integrated calculus of color, transparency, and thoughtfully composed relationships. Overlap brings together printmakers from around the country who carefully consider the craft of overprinting. Each print highlights the technique, from portraiture to typography to design.

 55 West 28th Street, New York, NY 10001