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Anna Mayer | Try Them or Free Them

October 23 ‒ December 4, 2013

Rebellion lives in your heart. Rebellion lives in my heart. How long before we stop compromising just to keep life pleasurable.

Planthouse is pleased to present Try Them or Free Them by Anna Mayer. 

Through the creation of ceramic pipes and aggregate body parts, Mayer proposes that the network can still be made material. This group of new sculptures fashions a social body out of multi-directional speech and gravity. Creating connections that shift between horizontal and bottoms-up, the works made of clay, bronze, and sand measure a will’s capacity to bend. If we believe we are the center of the universe how can we still be part of a sub-culture? 

Anna Mayer has presented solo exhibitions at Night Gallery (LA) and Sea and Space Explorations (LA). Group exhibitions include: the Hammer Museum; University Art Museum at CalState Long Beach; Luckman Gallery (LA); A.I.R. Gallery in Brooklyn; and Klaus Von Nichtssagend Gallery (NY). Mayer performed at Pomona College Museum of Art in 2012. In addition to her solo practice, Mayer works with Jemima Wyman as CamLab, a performance-based collaboration. CamLab has exhibited and performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, the Hammer Museum, Torrance Art Museum, Wildness at the Silver Platter, and the Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum's ArtLab+ program. Mayer received a Master of Fine Arts degree from California Institute of the Arts in 2007. She lives and works in Los Angeles.

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