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Planthouse Flat File

Caleb Freese, Ice Cream, 2022

“I think growing up is really hard depending on where you come from. But either way it’s hard physically too because you get growing pains. I hope that if I die and there’s a heaven they got dairy free ice cream because my stomach is really sensitive on earth.

Collect by Klein

24 x 36 inches
Etching, fabric dye paintings,
silkscreen, paint marker + LED lighting.
FRAMED $ 3500


Caleb Freese is a painter, printmaker, and illustrator focusing on architecture and nature. Born in New Mexico, he moved 30 times before settling in Brooklyn, starting with a residency with the Lower East Side Printshop. Previously Freese worked in the architectural field combining art into functional spaces, winning an AIA Design Award. He creates murals and public works that build on his passion for bringing artwork to a large audience.

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