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Planthouse Flat File

Juan Pablo Baene, Coyongos, 2022

Watercolor, color pencil, and marker on paper
8 1/2 x 4 inches
Signed verso
Ships with a certificate of authenticity

Juan Pablo Baene is a Colombian artist based in Brooklyn, NYC. He is a doodler enthusiast, story collector, space robot seeker, image builder, dancer, dreamer, and a great dad. Juan Pablo’s work, both colorful and playful, is filled with fantastical details, sometimes even absurd stories woven in the composition. Baene has exhibited work in Colombia, Spain, and New York. In addition, he has illustrated various children's books, including a recent project about family separation at the border. Through collaborations with art collectives and commercial clients, his work appears on album covers, murals, t-shirts, magazines, and short animations. Juan Pablo also teaches art to youth English language learners in public schools. Originally from Bogóta, Colombia, he received his BFA from University Jorge Tadeo Lozano and his MFA from the University of Barcelona. He is a PhD candidate at the Universidad de Barcelona.

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