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Planthouse Flat File


Nina Jordan, Ashford St., Brooklyn Real Estate, 2021

18” X 24”
Edition of 4

Nina Jordan is a painter and printmaker living and working in Brooklyn, NY. She is the recipient of a NYFA fellowship in printmaking and artists’ books. Her prints and artists’ books are in many collections including the New York Public Library, the Yale University Art Gallery, and the University of Richmond Museums.


I started working in woodcut while doing a gut rehab. Making use of wood scraps from the dumpster, I constructed images out of multiple blocks and layers. My work in woodcut, having originated from materials used in building myself a living space, has evolved partly to focus on images of homes and houses.

I like to borrow images from real estate listings for my prints. The photos in these listings are often poignant and strange, and speak of our search for safety, our struggle for survival. The houses tell stories of our many different economic realities and our sense of self. In appropriating these images, I speak of the conflict between home as commodity and home as habitat essential to survival.

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