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Four More Years | Group Exhibition  

June 27 ‒ August 11, 2017

In celebration of its fourth anniversary, this summer Planthouse is pleased to present Four More Years, a group exhibition featuring Glen Baldridge, Anders Bergstrom, Katherine Bradford, Victoria Burge, Grayson Cox, Daft Kuntz, (Victoria Haven + Dawn Cerny), Richard Dupont, Louise Eastman, Greg Foley, Grenfell Press, Michael Krueger, Ruth Lingen, Nicolas Maloof, Martin Mazorra, Robert Medvedz, John Mitchell, Jamisen Ogg, Robert Olsen, Lothar Osterburg, Rachel Ostrow, Adam Raymont, Gabriela Salazar, Mae Shore, Philip Taaffe, Naho Taruishi, Max Warsh, Heather Watkins, Chuck Webster, Sally Webster, Wingate Studio, and In Formation. 

From its beginning in 2013, Planthouse has acted as a nimble project space, aiming to facilitate collaboration among artists by mounting two- and three-person shows and thematic exhibitions with larger groups. Its first show, Plus 1, prompted five artists to select a “guest” of their own to join the exhibition, thereby acknowledging the roles of friendship and group networks as major drivers in the art world on both the production and consumption ends. Collaborative exhibitions at Planthouse have also taken other forms: a pair who know each other well, like Grayson Cox and Nadja Frank (Self Checkout, 2015), a collective like SuttonBeresCuller (Solid Gold, 2013–14), and two artists unknown to each other, put together to forge new connections, like Victoria Burge and Naho Taruishi (2017).

The publishing arm of the gallery will also be chronicled in the display of print editions it has released since its founding, including projects with Philip Taaffe and Chuck Webster. The gallery has often published new editions with exhibiting artists before, during and after their shows, like the portfolio made by Glen Baldridge, Ian Cooper and David Kennedy Cutler for their 2014 show, Thousand Year Old Child, and the port- folio by Louise Eastman and Heather Watkins that resulted from their 2016 show, Reservoir. In addition, Four More Years will include new publications, Neon, an anniversary silkscreen featuring the gallery’s cactus and sun logo as well as a new print edition by Richard Dupont. The collaborative nature of printmaking underpins Planthouse’s philosophy, and the desire to not only showcase emerging artists, but also create new works with them, driving its publishing activity.

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