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Jamisen Ogg | Complex Inferiority

October 23 ‒ December 4, 2013

Dear Society, 

Complex Inferiority marks my second solo exhibition in New York. Manifested in the form of porches, paper towels, cardboard boxes and a picnic table, it has culminated in the subject of domesticity, simplicity at heart

The exhibition features my latest version of a picnic table, based on the frequently referenced modernist icon—ironically modern, modernly ironic—Nelson bench. Here, it has been transformed into an object of domestic desire, a marker of achievement. I still like nice things.

I have carved a porch into two walls of the gallery, as a backdrop for a series of paper towel drawings. The view from the porch is not of drawings of paper towels, but drawings made with the aid of paper towels, as both a stencil and diffuser of pen to paper.

The cardboard box is a new muse. Dreaming and thinking about a family, I am thinking and dreaming of more than a cardboard box, while at the same time coming to terms with what I’ve got. Both architectural and decorative, the cardboard is both an elevated prototype and finished product. While the pedestals upon which they sit carry my obsessive obsessions from place to place no matter in what place I finish.

New: sharpie ink, paper towels, cardboard Old: picnic table, architecture, CMYK, flutes

Irritated with love, Jamisen 

Planthouse is pleased to present Complex Inferiority

Jamisen Ogg's work in drawing, painting, and sculptures employ the use of ideological symbolisms juxtaposed with tropes of expressionism, minimalism, and architecture. These references are used in a layered and oppositional format, made to coexist and define the relationship between customization and identity. His work has been included in shows at Marlborough Gallery, New York, Hudson Franklin, New York, The Suburban, Chicago, White Flag, St Louis, and Regina Rex, Queens, and has been reviewed in Art Forum and the Village Voice.

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