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Planthouse Flat File

by Lanie McNulty
Foreword by Deirdre Donohue
Interview by Kate Walbert

Limited edition of 400, signed by artist

So, have we killed the angel in the house? 

Curious if we’ve met Virginia Woolf’s famous challenge, photographer Lanie McNulty turned her lens on domestic interiors. The photographs are stunning, but the verdict isn’t good. McNulty’s nuanced portraits of women at home with children, husbands, parents, friends, and alone were created in collaboration with her subjects. The results starkly expose what the pandemic year has made all too clear: the outsized role women play trying to keep it all together.

Published by Planthouse, 2021
Designed by Faride Mereb
Printed by The Studley Press, Inc.
ISBN: 978-0-9862814-4-0
Hardcover, 12.5 x 9.5 IN, 120 pages

Lanie McNulty is a New York-based artist and social activist. Her photography projects include Lifted Up in New York City, From the Ashes of Rwanda, and The Angel in the House. Working in other media, she has created a series of tapestries called Say a Little Prayer for U.S. In her most recent work, McNulty has developed a collaborative process for creating staged, narrative images. She calls this process: “photo improv.” 

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