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MDF Blog 

Organized by Grayson Cox 

February 25 ‒ March 30, 2016

Planthouse is pleased to present MDF Blog, a show of sculpture made by 16 exciting contemporary artists working with a variety of media and philosophies. 

The show consists of cube pedestals that were issued to each artist in a similar way that one might be issued a blog template. Each artist will utilize this formal stage and the frame of a gridded floor plan to present an art- work. The concept highlights the subjectivity of how we propose, consider, and view ‘art’, with some artists choosing to “hack” their allotted base or simply not use it at all.

MDF Blog initiates the pedestal as a formal presentation device to illuminate the plurality of how artists now work; using concepts, symbols and images in a way that they may have historically employed color or line. The singularity of the way we read symbols or loaded, monolithic images is being unraveled. Art is not always bound by conceptual reading, nor is the conceptual unpacking of a piece of art by a viewer necessarily a matter of lock and key. We aim to address this fluidity in presenting 16 different contemporary approaches magnified on the highly formal stage of the pedestal.

Sculptures by Neal Bashor, Liene Bosquê, Katherine Bradford, Van Hanos, Rachel Higgins, Anna K.E., Alexandra Lerman, Sara Magenheimer, Sara Greenberger Rafferty, Birgit Rathsmann, Robert Rhee, Esther Ruiz, Gabriela Salazar, Lauren Pakradooni, Megan Plunkett,Virginia Poundstone will be included in MDF Blog.

Grayson Cox (b. 1979 in Indianapolis, IN) is a New York based artist working in a variety of media, from painting and printmaking, to photography and furniture-like sculpture. He received his BFA from Indiana University and his MFA from Columbia University in New York in 2010. Grayson is the recipient of the Daisy Soros Prize, the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Artistic innovation and collaboration grant and has exhibited in New York and internationally including the Center for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland; Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Tel Aviv, Israel;The School of the Art Institute of Chicago;The New Museum, NewYork; Elizabeth Foundation, NewYork;The Fisher Landau Center for Art, Queens, NewYork; Gowanus Studio Space; The Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art; the Sculpture Center in New York, and Gasser Grunert Gallery in New York.

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