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Planthouse Flat File

Michael Kupperman, Man Proposes, 2022 
Comic Book and Wasp Paper Collage 
24 x 18 inches 


These collages represent, both in a metaphoric and in a very real way, the destruction of the world I thought I would have a place in, the culture that seemed very solid and real when I was young.

Michael Kupperman is a illustrator, writer and comic artist with three decades of work behind him. His illustrations and comics have appeared in scores of magazines, newspapers and websites, including The New YorkerThe New York TimesPlayboy, Heavy Metal, Nickelodeon Magazine, McSweeney’s, and Vice; his work has also been animated and shown on Adult Swim, Comedy Central and Saturday Night Live. The first collection of his humorous comic work was Snake’N’Bacon’s Cartoon Cabaret in 2000the eight issues of his Fantagraphics comic series Tales Designed to Thrizzle were collected in two books. He also wrote and illustrated a continuation of Mark Twain’s diaries (Mark Twain’s Diaries 1910-2010) and, most recently, a serious graphic autonoir about his father’s childhood stardom and later mental deterioration (All the Answers, 2018). He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Muire and son Ulysses.

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