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Only By Night | Group Exhibition

October 2 ‒ November 7, 2015

Planthouse is pleased to present Only By Night, a group show in collaboration with Cheymore Gallery. 

Only By Night is a meditation on the solitary experience of the world at night. Inspired by an Edgar Allen Poe poem, which alludes to the constrictions of nighttime dreaming. Only By Night features works whose images come alive after dark falls, when the world quiets, and we find ourselves with a moment to contemplate the day that came before and the life that looms ahead. The pause for reflection vibrates from a still room, to a quiet neighborhood, to the hushed landscape, to the magnitude of the entire universe.

The work in Only By Night includes painting, printmaking, drawing, and photography representing both the restorative and haunting icons of nighttime existence; whimsical buffalos tramp across snow white pillows as if something from a dream; moons and planets are rendered in graphite and paint in surreal detail and sober asceticism; the haze of fireflies and softly lit houses captured from the lens of a camera recall summer evenings and the comfort of companionship, and a glowing red digital alarm clock painted in oil hints both at the anxiety of insomnia and the potential of the coming morning light. 

Works by Kamrooz Aram, Glen Baldridge, Shawn Bitters, James Castle, Vija Celmins, Gregory Crewdson, Matthew Day Jackson, Juliet Jacobson, Michael Krueger, Vera Lutter, Mary Manning, Frank Moore, Robert Olsen, Mae Shore, Kyle Simon, Brian Shure, and Christopher Ulivo. 

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