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Plus 1

May 22 ‒ July 3, 2013

Plus 1 “is a relatively modern dilemma.” – Liz Brewer, Etiquette Expert

Planthouse is happy to present Plus 1, its inaugural exhibition.

Our own ethical codes and social interactions have created the Plus 1 etiquette. Plus 1 comes from the idea of a formal invitation to an event. The invited is then allowed to bring a significant other— a lover, friend, socially established partner, even an acquaintance. How much thought goes into the choice? It may be obvious or a long shot. On one side there is a clear answer to who’s coming, on another, a complete mystery. What does this Plus 1 bring to the table?

The Invited: 

Grayson Cox 

Lothar Osterburg

Megan Plunkett

Zoë Sheehan Saldaña

David Storey


Plus 1:

Daniel Bozhkov

Ellen Driscoll

Seth Zucker 

Charles Moody

John Dilg 

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