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Planthouse Flat File


Lanie McNulty
Say a Little Prayer for U.S., 2018
Silkscreen on cotton voile 
11 x 11 inches 
Edition of 100

Editions: Mothers Say a Little Prayer for U.S. (blue)
Teachers Say a Little Prayer for U.S. (burgundy)
Young Men of Color Say a Little Prayer for U.S. (purple)
My Family Says a Little Prayer for U.S. (red)

Say a Little Prayer for U.S. is a collaborative expression of hope and protest, wisdom and gratitude from a diversity of American voices. Screenprinted on cotton voile in shades of red, white and blue, each text edition is a collection of prayers, personal mantras, favorite lines from songs, poetry, film and video games, famous quotations, protest slogans, battle cries and pieces of homegrown wisdom from a group of mothers, soldiers, teachers, immigrants, preachers, young men of color or the artist’s own family. Words of pain and disappointment are interwoven with celebratory exclamations, playful prose and occasional irony to create a visual tribute to the range of experiences and personalities that compose the rich tapestry of America.

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