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SuttonBeresCuller | Solid Gold

December 11, 2013 ‒ January 22, 2014

Planthouse is pleased to announce Solid Gold, the first New York exhibition of Seattle artists SuttonBeresCuller. Working collaboratively in a unified vision since 1999, John Sutton, Ben Beres and Zac Culler have explored an incredible variety of media in an effort to bring the art experience to its sometimes unsuspecting audience.

SuttonBeresCuller is built on three titanic pillars in a Mt. Rushmore of art-making. Having conquering the hollowed grounds of Seattle’s ultra chic art scene, SBC is now stretching a monumental pyramid of works across NewYork, Los Angeles, Chicago and beyond. Since being separated at birth, this trinity has travelled a long road back to find the sacred union between a man, a man, and another man. In a blessed marriage of sculpture and performance art, the three artists are found to finish each other’s sentences, think each other’s thoughts before they’re uttered, and often leave their respective houses wearing the exact same outfits as if it were planned the night before. This is not a normal team of collaborators. It’s not as if one is designated the vocal idea-man, the other a carpenter philosopher, and the third a pensive genius with his hands. Each photograph, drawing, installation or performance reflects nary an individual sentiment. Each SBC piece effortlessly congeals into a seamlessly conceived unit. These three amigos wear one sombrero. Each is a rock to the others’ paper and scissors. Truly a trinamic trio.

Planthouse will be exhibiting editioned works in bronze, an ongoing portrait project, and new works on paper that SBC developed this fall while attending their second residency at the MacDowell Colony. Also on exhibit will be the first three in a series of etched and silkscreened mirrors chronicling the artistic expression of bar patrons through restroom graffiti. 

SuttonBeresCuller is a trio of artists (John Sutton, Ben Beres, and Zac Culler) who have worked collaboratively since 1999, when they met as students at Cornish College of the Arts. Together they create ways to engage viewers through mobile sculptures, street actions, and temporary site-specific installations. They attract audiences to new readings of and approaches to political, social, cultural, and aesthetic issues. SBC is dedicated to a form of public art that is generous in nature, participatory for the willing, and refreshingly free of dogma for the uninitiated.

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