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Planthouse Flat File

Tara GeerBig Giraffe, 2021
Drawing, collage on paper
charcoal, glue, pastel, chalk, graphite
90 x 49 inches

Tara Geer: Strangely Blooming features a series of monoprints created by the artist upon her return to New York City this past Fall. Inspired by her beloved City’s resilience, the exhibition also features two large collage drawings.

Tara Geer is a drawer—she makes, teaches, and studies drawing. Her drawings are in the collections of the Morgan Museum, the Parrish Museum and the Harlem Children’s Art Fund. Her work with the 6-woman activist collective, Victory Garden, is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The New York Historical Society, The Beinecke Library at Yale University, and The Canadian Museum. 

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