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Planthouse Flat File

Victoria Haven, Maze (The Heroines), 2023

Monotype, (1/3 and 2/3) 

22.75  x 19 inches



Maze and Maze II (The Heroines) are new Monotypes created during Victoria Haven’s recent session at Mullowney Printing, Portland OR. By manipulating an old offset Dufa press, Haven and Mullowney Printing are able to achieve variable editions through the monotype process. Expanding on her series of new works on paper, the artist can create multiples of the Monotype while maintaining the integrity and spirit at the core of her practice; employing energized line, form and charged atmospheres to delineate space. 

The process of using the offset press and painting directly onto a plexi plate with printing ink followed by repeated passes through the press, allows Haven to build this reverberating form through multiple layers that obscure or reveal the history of the plate.  Through the back and forth working upon the plate with inks of various transparency or wiping away sections, the image retains the spontaneity and immediacy of the process. 


Victoria Haven was born in Seattle, Washington, and is based there. She creates drawings and paintings which are reputed for exploring the spaces between two and three dimensions. She uses tape, rubber bands, and steel to explore the differences between real and imagined space.

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