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Victory Garden | Group Exhibition

December 8, 2016 ‒ January 13, 2017

Planthouse is pleased to present Victory Garden—a salon style exhibition scheduled to run from December 8, 2016 through January 13, 2017.

During World War I and II, victory gardens were planted next to private homes and in public parks throughout North America, Europe and Australia. Designed to reduce pressure on the food supply, the gardens were also considered to be morale-boosting symbols of solidarity. Government-led campaigns were mounted, with lithographic posters targeting urban and rural dwellers alike and inspiring them to plant fruits and vegetables. Citizens felt empowered by their contributions to the war effort and rewarded by the produce grown. Today, our world is again in political and environmental turmoil and we are similarly in need of nourishment and unification at the community level, this time in the form of collective political engagement.

The show will feature small paintings, prints, and works on paper, with the goal of initiating conversation and action.

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